Kaye, Zeph and Cobo-Lewis: Aging and Developmental Disabilities Networks – The Case for Network Crossover

Maine Policy Review coverLenard Kaye, Lucille Zeph and Alan Cobo-Lewis have published a commentary, “The Aging and Developmental Disabilities Networks: Can the Silos Be Dismantled?” in the current special issue of the Maine Policy Review on aging. The authors discuss the service networks for aging and developmental and physical disabilities, which have traditionally functioned in distinctly separate camps. They present the case for greater crossover between these networks and endorse increased alignment of the aging and disability networks in all arenas, including policy making, program development, education, and research. The full-text commentary may be downloaded from UMaine’s DigitalCommons.

Lenard Kaye is professor of social work at the University of Maine School of Social Work and founding director of the University of Maine Center on Aging. Lucille Zeph is associate professor emerita of education and disability studies at the University of Maine. From 1992 to 2015, she served as founding director of the University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, Maine’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Alan B. Cobo-Lewis is associate professor of psychology and director of the University of the Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies.