A Person-Centered Approach to Advanced Illness

In a recent blog post, Edwin L. Walker, Acting Assistant Secretary for Aging, and Acting Administrator, Administration for Community Living (ACL), affirms the right of all persons “to make choices and control their own decisions. This right is independent of age or disability.”

In “A Person-Centered Approach to Advanced Illness,” Walker notes, “As part of our role as an advocate for the rights of older adults and people of all ages with disabilities, at all stages of life, ACL is exploring ways to support an individual’s choice and control during advanced illness. One of our goals is to help ensure that when a person is very ill, they and their families do not face discrimination based on assumptions about age or disability. We also are promoting the voice of the individuals with advanced illness within policy conversations.”

The blog contains links to a series of educational fact sheets on advanced illness services, such as palliative care; a video guide to advance planning, designed for older adults; and other resources for advance planning and end of life care for surrogate decision-makers.