Summer University 2018: Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Online

Looking for a Summer 2018 class online? Two Interdisciplinary Disability Studies (DIS) courses are being offered: DIS 300 and DIS 500.

DIS 300 – Disability: Interaction of Human Diversity and Global Environments
Designed to introduce the student to disability as an element of human diversity that has a significant reciprocal relationship with the environment. We begin by discussing prevalence and incidence of disability across the globe, examine the historical changes in concepts of disability over time, and then study disability as a human phenomenon which both emerges from and influences biological, economic, physical, social, political, spiritual, cultural, technological and virtual environments. Professor for this course is Dr. Stephen Gilson and the class number is 4040.

DIS 500 – Contemporary Disability Theory
Critically examines historical and contemporary context of disability and analyzes the emergence of disability as a contemporary category of human diversity. Identification and analysis of the political, social, economic, intellectual, and technological trends relevant to disability rights. Analyzes universal principles as the next paradigmatic framework for the promotion of socially just community responses to diversity and difference. Professor for this class is Dr. Elizabeth DePoy and the class number if 4074.

For more information, please contact Stephen Gilson, Ph.D., Coordinator and Professor of Interdisciplinary Disability Studies and Professor of Social Work; 207.581.1263 (v) or To register, please visit the Summer University 2018 Ways to Register web page.