NH-ME LEND ​and DIS Trainees​ ​Present Research at UMSS1​8​

E​ac​h​ ​spring​, University of Maine graduate and undergraduate students present their peer-reviewed research and creative achievements in an academic-conference-style event​. (Above photo: Holly Hegarty with faculty mentor Dr. Alan Kurtz.) The 2018 University of Maine Student Symposium​ (UMSS​18​)​ was held on April 17, 2018 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, ME. Oral presentations and poster presentations by UMaine trainees in the New Hampshire-Maine Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (NH-ME LEND) Program and Interdisciplinary Disability Studies​ are listed below. ​Photos from the event are available in a Facebook photo gallery, NH-ME LEND Trainees and Disability Studies Students at UMSS18.​ ​

201​7​-201​8​ NH-ME LEND Trainee Poster Presentations:

​Jodie Hall, B.S. – ​Educational Videos About Restraint and Seclusion. (Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Kurtz)

Taylor Harris, B.S. – ​Enhancing a Disability Advocacy Organization’s Online Capacity to Provide Families with Essential Information about Secondary Transition. (Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Kurtz) ​

Holly Hegarty, B.A. – ​Researching Less Restrictive Alternatives to Maine’s Regulations Governing Behavior Supports for Adults with Developmental Disabilities. ​(Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Kurtz)

Emma Hill, B.S.W. – ​Quality of Life Among Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Parent-Developed Residential Program. ​(Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Kurtz)

Madeline Ruffin, B.A. –​ ​ ​​Oral History Project Plan: A Look at the History of Developmental Disabilities in Maine. (Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Kurtz)

​Olivia Shaw, B.A.Developing the State Interagency Coordinating Council for Maine Child Development Services​.​ (Faculty mentor: Dr. Alan Kurtz)

Interdisciplinary Disability Studies’ ​Trainees ​Oral​ Presentations:​

Renee Stronach –​ Design Work on the Afari. (Faculty mentors: ​Dr. ​Elizabeth DePoy and ​Dr. ​Stephen Gilson​)​ ​

Renee Stronach –​ Social Practice Artists and Disability Inclusion. (Faculty mentors: ​Dr. ​Elizabeth DePoy and ​Dr. ​Stephen Gilson​)​ ​

Interdisciplinary Disability Studies’ ​Trainees Poster Presentations:

Jaimi Clifford and Students from DIS 450 and DIS 520 –​ ​Disrupting Disability: Social Practice Art. (Faculty mentor: Dr. Stephen Gilson)

Elena FordLife History from the Vantage Point of a Cane. (Faculty mentors: Dr. Elizabeth DePoy and Dr. Stephen Gilson)