American/Russian Handbook on Community Living and Employment

Source: American/Russian Handbook on Community Living and Employment (MN UCEDD/LEND), AUCD 360, October 1, 2019

Download the Handbook on Community Living and Employment (PDF).American and Russian experts have created a bilingual resource that shares innovative approaches to community living and employment for adults with disabilities. The Handbook on Community Living and Employment (PDF), co-published by the University of Minnesota Institute on Community Integration (ICI) and Life Route Foundation in Russia, identifies the challenges both countries face on the road to full inclusion and provides readers with case studies and strategies that have achieved success. “It is the first resource guide of its kind produced as a collaborative between a U.S. and a Russian partner in both languages, with the hope that users from both countries can learn from each other’s initiatives,” says editor Renáta Tichá, co-director of ICI’s Global Resource Center for Inclusive Education.

Created from the perspective that people with disabilities have the right to positive life outcomes and societies can and should share their successes in achieving them, the handbook aims to raise awareness among people with disabilities, family members, employers, neighbors, healthcare providers, co-workers, and others about a wide variety of issues related to the employment and community living of people with disabilities. Each chapter provides readers with basic facts about a given topic and strategies to support people with disabilities in leading valued, meaningful lives. Authors address a wide range of issues, including transitions from school to adulthood, working with families, health, relationships, community-based housing, social networks, self-determination, guardianship, funding for services, and opportunities for supported and customized employment.