Community Engagement – Outreach Education and Technical Assistance

The purpose of the Community Engagement core function is to enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, organizations, and state systems to create and sustain services and supports for individuals with IDD. CCIDS engages in activities that reflect current and emerging best practices guided by the principles of inclusion, diversity, universal design and access, and social justice. Community Engagement core function activities are designed to ensure they are meaningful and relevant to persons with disabilities and their families; that people with disabilities, their families, and other stakeholders participate in planning and implementation; and activities are designed to build the capacity of others, rather than to provide direct services. The provision of technical assistance to a broad range of constituents is central to the mission of Maine’s UCEDD. The CCIDS model for technical assistance includes the development of a technical assistance plan that identifies a specific problem or issue in partnership with those affected by the technical assistance; and, implementation, documentation, and evaluation of the technical assistance plan.