Gabrielle (Gabby) Jackson

Discipline: Community Trainee


I am a graduate of the University of Southern Maine where I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Social and Behavioral Science with a minor in Early Childhood Education on the 0-5 teaching track. After graduating I earned my 081 teacher certification teaching 0-5 in Maine. I focused a majority of my studies on the effects of trauma in early childhood development. While I attended school I worked as a Private Nanny. In this position I gained skills in open communication with families and working in a child centered role.

In my final year at USM I took an internship student teaching at Sandcastle Clinical and Educational Services. After my student teaching position I accepted a position there as an Ed-Tech and upon graduation I took on a lead teacher role in an inclusive special purpose classroom with children ages 2-4.

I have been privileged enough to allow for continued education in my adulthood. I took a short break after my Bachelor’s degree and then began classes at UMF through the SPARC program. This program is designed to allow current teachers to work in their classroom while taking graduate level classes towards their 282, a Special Educator Teaching Certificate in Maine. This has opened up other opportunities or points of study for me like the DIR Flootime
Module, Routine Based Interventions, and Trauma-Informed Teaching practices.

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