Jaclyn (Jaci) Peterson

Discipline: Community Trainee


I am a graduate from the University of Southern Maine where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Through life experiences and my education, I have learned a wealth of knowledge in the areas of advocating for early-intervention services, mental health, public health, education, and the crucial need for community collaboration. Over the last 8 years, I have had the incredible opportunity to work in an all-inclusive, special purpose preschool program in Lewiston, Maine. It is here that I began delivering direct care in the capacity of an Education Technician, an SB-BHP, and a Lead Teacher, while later moving into a leadership position. It is in combination with my educational experiences, career opportunities, and lifelong personal and professional experiences, that I have come to understand the importance of advocating for and implementing systemic change for individuals of all abilities. I am thankful to have this opportunity to work alongside other professionals and families to share hope, compassion, and change towards a better system for all.

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