Olivia Shaw

Discipline: Communication Sciences & Disorders


I am a graduate of the University of Maine, Orono where I earned a B.A. in Communication Sciences & Disorders. I am currently enrolled in a master’s degree program in Communication Sciences & Disorders at the University of Maine, Orono to become a speech-language pathologist. I have developed skills in the areas of communication, interpersonal relations/communication, child development, and research. While attending school full-time I worked as a direct support professional for adults with intellectual disabilities full-time, for six years. However, I recently left the position to dedicate all my time to my master’s program. While working as a direct support professional I learned how to work with, and sometimes lead, a team of professionals all working toward the same goal; to ensure that the people being supported were getting all their needs met and living the most fulfilling life possible. Working with adults with disabilities, as well as adults and children with speech and language disabilities, has given me a purpose in life; helping people. I can’t imagine working in a field that didn’t involve working with and helping people live their best life possible. I am grateful to have been able to work for so long with adults with intellectual disabilities because it humbled me and made me realize just how appreciate of my life I should be. People with disabilities (intellectual or not) are often given the short end of the stick in life. I hope to work with the LEND program to learn how I can help change this.

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