Janice Grant

Janice Grant

Discipline: Social Work

Faculty Mentor: Stephen F. Gilson, Ph.D.


My name is Janice Grant. I recently received a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, with a minor in Interdisciplinary Disability Studies, and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Social Work. As the parent of a 9-year-old with autism, I have a long-standing interest in neurodevelopmental disabilities, inclusion, and universal design. During my coursework in Interdisciplinary Disability Studies I learned about a variety of theories of disability. These theories gave me a greater understanding of disabilities, and I am interested in learning how to blend theory with medical treatment and the reality of living in the world with a disability to improve the quality of life and outcomes for people with disabilities.

Before receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I served in the United States Army Special Operations Command, where I held a position of leadership in training and preparing enlisted Psychological Operations soldiers for deployment into combat zones. While my experiences in the military have no apparent transferability of skills to neurodevelopmental disabilities, I believe that my discipline, responsibility, and ability to simultaneously work in the micro, mezzo, and macro systems will serve me well in my studies with the LEND program and my work with people who have disabilities.

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