Nancy Bergerson

Nancy Bergerson

Discipline: Liberal Studies

Faculty Mentor:


Prior to my youngest son’s birth, I pursued a career in the medical field. I was a medical assistant to several obstetricians over a ten-year period, one of whom specialized in high-risk diabetic patients.  I subsequently transitioned to roles in office management, medical underwriting, corporate training and sales. I have served as lead and participant on teams to write and review corporate policies and procedures, conduct focus groups and implement Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

My undergraduate studies focused upon media and communications. The power of language and the written word fascinates me. The influence of policy and the media to empower or inhibit influences culture and one’s ability to choose and control one’s destiny.  This has been my passion. The birth of my grandson, who suffers from a genetic disorder, has focused my desire to address policies aimed at inclusion and equality for children classified as disabled.

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