Carla White


Carla WhiteDiscipline: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Faculty Mentor:


I recently graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a bachelors of arts in communication sciences and disorders. Along with this major, I completed the necessary requirements for minors in psychology, sociology, and interdisciplinary studies. During this period of time of earning my degree, I gained a number of skills that will aid in my efforts in becoming an audiologist. This includes analyzing data, interpreting the process and outcomes of research articles, designing research, and what skills characterize a proficient clinician. Furthermore, my time at the University of Maine provided me with opportunities to work with clients with developmental disabilities in a number of ways; through clinical observations and as a member of the Special Olympics Healthy Hearing program. This involvement has allowed me the insight on how to work with the developmentally disabled and it has encouraged me to further my education in this field. I have family members and friends that have developmental disabilities, from ADHD to Intellectual Disability. It has been one of my greatest objectives to find opportunities and provide the care they need. Therefore, I have an understanding of what barriers these individuals may face and the importance of remaining positive. With the knowledge that I have gained from volunteering, family relations, and the New Hampshire LEND program, I will have the abilities to provide the appropriate care as an audiologist for future clients that may have developmental disabilities.