Let Your Voice Be Heard. Vote!

Let your voice be heard. Vote.

“For our democracy to work, we must all participate in the process. Please register and vote and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same.” 

~State of Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions​ 

The information below explains how to register and vote in state elections. The June 12, 2018, Primary and Special Referendum Election is the next statewide election and will also be the first election to use ranked-choice voting, a method which allows voters to choose their candidates in order of preference. There are several resources below (including an animated video) that explain ranked-choice voting in easy-to-understand language. All of the following resources come from trusted organizations, such as the State of Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections & CommissionsAutistic Self Advocacy NetworkLeague of Women Voters of MaineDisability Rights MaineBazelon Center for Mental Health Law and the National Disability Rights Network. We hope you find this information helpful. Let your voice be heard: vote! 

Visit the State of Maine website for information about the Help America Vote Act.

Your Right to Vote

Visit Your Right to Vote in Maine's webpage here. Visit Your Right to Vote in Maine to learn about your voting rights.

Examples of some of your rights to vote in Maine include:

Download the resource, 'Vote. It's your right. A Know-Your-rights Guide for Voters with Mental Disabilities and Advocates – 2016' Download the Plain Language PDF, VOTE. It’s your right. A Know-Your-Rights Guide for Voters with Mental Disabilities and Advocates (PDF).

“This guide, is written for people with mental disabilities—such as intellectual, developmental, or psychiatric disabilities—and their families in language that’s easy to understand.”

Note: This guide is for people living in the United States, not just those who live in the state of Maine.

Download the Easy-to-Read Voter Guide–Maine June 2018 Primary PDF.The League of Women Voters® of Maine has a web page with information on Elections and Voting 2018 as well as an Easy-to-Read Voter Guide: Maine June 2018 Primary Election (PDF) .

You can also find information on voting rights at Disability Rights Maine – Voting Access.

Upcoming Elections

General and Potential Referendum ElectionBallot box with the word, Vote, on the side.

The General and Potential Referendum Election is held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. This year the date will be November 6, 2018. Maine voters will elect one of Maine’s two United States Senators, Maine’s Governor, two Representatives to Congress, members of the Maine Legislature, and other county officers. There may also be ballot questions to vote on at that time.

Voter Information for Maine Residents

Visit the Maine Voter Informaiton webpage to view the Registering to Vote video.Visit the Maine.gov Voter Information web page to view a short video on registering to vote in Maine.

To find out if you are registered to vote, or where you go to vote, visit the Maine.gov Listing of Municipal Clerks & Registrars web page. Enter the name of the town where you live in the space provided and click on “Search.” The name and contact information for the Municipal Clerk and Registrar will be displayed and you can contact them for the information you need.

Resources for Ranked Choice Voting

View thevRanked-Choice Voting in Maine video here.The State of Maine will be the first state in the nation to use ranked-choice voting in a statewide election, for the Primary Election June 12, 2018. This animated video explains how ranked-choice voting (RCV) will work in Maine elections. Click on the image to view the video.

Visit the Maine.gov Resources for Ranked-choice Voting (RCV) web page for additional information and resources on ranked-choice voting. Examples of some of the information and resources include:

Download Maine Used Ranked Choice Voting–Voting in Maine's Ranked Choice Election: A non-partisan guide to ranked choice elections (PDF).Download Voting in Maine’s Ranked Choice Election: A non-partisan guide to ranked choice elections (PDF) for an easy to understand guide to ranked choice voting. This was developed by Maine Uses Ranked Choice Voting.