September 9, 2013


Sue, Linda L., Tina, Monica R, Monica W. Pattie, & Linda S.

  • Welcome – Introductions
  • Check in and check back – what is on your mind? What issues are hot?
  • Leadership Issues from the Field:
  1. Update on Maine Roads to Quality PDN. Overview of TA activities. More information is on their website along with a TA request form.
  2. CDS and classroom supports – some examples of positive partnerships and plans.
  3. MaineCare and Transportation – what affect has this had on our children and families? What have people experienced? What can we do?
  4. Chapter 33 – – training – costs/ availability – issues related to orientation of staff. Other issues concern having enough information to move forward as an agency to respond to the rule.
  5. State Screening grant initiative – Sarah gave a brief update. More to come.
  6. Enrollment and children with special needs/ disabilities/ diversity – what does it look like for you? What does this mean for your professional development needs and other considerations? (discuss in Nov).
  7. Conscious Discipline (discuss in Nov).
  8. Triple P – Positive Parenting Program – Maine is investing in this and it will be statewide. Advisory committee has been formed. (discuss in Nov).

Linda will post on website:

Some resources related to our discussion:

  • NAEYC / NACCRRA Glossary for Training and TA.
  • Stepping Stones Caring for Our Children Compliance Checklist.
  • NAEYC Policy Profiles for States and Territories: Early Childhood Education Technical Assistance Professionals.

Wrap Up Discussion:

  • Next Meeting: November 21, 2013 – 9:30 – 11:30 at CCIDS in Augusta. All other meetings will be monthly on the second Wed of each month.
  • Membership- Sue will connect with the new Executive Director of the Children’s Center, Tina will invite her new staff person (Denise Ricker).

Draft Agenda:

Start with the Leadership Issues from the Field items above (6, 7, & 8). Follow the regular meeting agenda. Review parking lot items from our May meeting (below).

Parking Lot:

Ideas for further discussions,

  1. Book club (read an article or book and review together)
  2. Traveling tours – meetings in different locations to visit and learn.
  3. Guests to share information and discuss topics of interest.
  4. More in-depth samplings of information or materials (i.e.; inclusion self-checklists, program tools etc.)