Gilson and DePoy Discuss Branding and Designing Disability at Designable 2016

Stephen Gilson, Ph.D., and Elizabeth DePoy, Ph.D., University of Maine Professors of Interdisciplinary Disability Studies and Social Work, recently presented, “Diversivate: Branding and Designing Disability” at the inaugural Designable 2016 event in Kings Cross, London. [Above photo: Gilson & DePoy (seated center-left) at Designable 2016 in London.]

The one-day session was sponsored by Rufus Leonard and Lloyds Banking Group. Speakers worked with and learned from commercial and industrial entities such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Channel 4 Television Corporation, and consumer product designer, OXO, on how the for-profit world can approach communication and branding “to better society’s relationship with ‘difference.'”