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Social Work Research and Evaluation: Examined Practice in Action2017-01-10DePoy, E.,
Gilson, S. F.
Collaborative on Faith and Disability: A Network of UCEDDs Building Capacity and Vision Among Faith Communities, Seminaries, and Disability Organizations2016-12-05Carter, E.
Horne, S.
Gaventa, B.
Moody, E.
Eppelsheimer, R.
Roach, A.
Kleinert, H.
Co-Design: A Contemporary Path to Innovation and Entrepreneurship for People with Disabilities2016-12-05Gilson, S. F.
DePoy, E.
Ready for the Future: Maine Youth with Disabilities Developing Work Skills2016-12-05May, J.
Navigating Distance and Technology: Successfully Engaging LEND Trainees from New Hampshire and Maine in a Synchronous Online Team-based Learning Environment2016-12-05Russell, S.
Kurtz, A.
Humphreys, E.
& Sonnenmeier, R.
Computerized Adaptive Assessment of Infant-Toddler Language Development: Demonstration and Validation of an App for Screening2016-12-05Cobo-Lewis, A. B.
Meadown, C,
Markowsky, G.
Pearson, B. Z.
Collier, S.A.
Eilers, R. E.
Improving Effective Interdisciplinary Teamwork Using Team-Based Learning Within the NH LEND Curriculum: Evaluation from Year 22016-12-05Sonnenmeier, R., Humphreys, B., Kurtz, A., & Russell, S.
NH LEND Program analyses of the Maternal and Child Health Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment Over Five Cohort Years2016-12-05Humphreys, E.
Sonnenmeier, R.
Russell, S.
Kurtz, A.
& Couse, L.
Family-Centered Transition Planning for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder2016-11-15Kurtz, A.,
May, J.
Branding and Designing Disability2016-11-07DePoy, E., & Gilson, S.
Practical Strategies When Behaviors are Challenging2016-10-22Morneault, M.
Maeverde, J.
Early Childhood Workforce Development2016-09-07Bruder, M.
Johnson, J.
Labas, L.
Morris, S.
Maine QRIS Inclusive Practices Checklist2016-08-12Labas, L.
Workforce Development and K-12 Outreach2016-07-21May, Janet
High School & Beyond: A Guide to Transition Services in Maine2016-06-23University of Southern Maine Muskie School of Public Service
Healthcare Needs of Individuals with ASD and Transition2016-03-12Kurtz, Alan
Summer Work for ME: Providing a Pathway for Students with Disabilities to Gain Essential Skills for Adult Life2016-03-05Hooke, Jeff
May, Janet
Saucier, Liz
Use of Technology and its Impact on Students with Disabilities2015-12-10May, Janet
Use of Technology and its Impact on Students with Disabilities2015-12-08Robinson, Bonnie
The Aging and Developmental Disabilities Networks: Can the Silos be Dismantled?2015-12-03Cobo-Lewis, Alan
Kaye, L. W.
Zeph, Lucille
Adults with Special Needs: Strategies to Reach Adult Learners2015-11-21May, Janet
Maine: N.E.A.T. — We’re Stronger Together2015-11-17Horne, Sandra
Building the Foundation for a Maine Chapter of the Sibling Leadership Network (PDF)2015-11-16Quinn Finlay, Kate
Person-Centered Planning with Rural Senior Citizens in Maine: Case Presentations from Piscataquis Thriving in Place Project2015-11-16May, Janet
Implementation of LEND Trainee Diversity Quality Improvement Projects2015-11-15Ellerbusch, Kellie
Ellis, Cynthia
Humphreys, B.
Reimschisel, Tyler
Russell, Susan
Effective Interdisciplinary Team Work: Integrating Team-Based Learning Methodology into the NH LEND Curriculum2015-11-15Humphreys, B.
Kurtz, Alan
Russell, Susan
Sonnenmeire, R.
Parent Professional Partnerships: Working Together to Achieve Successful Transition2015-11-14Bell, Jane
Curtis, C.
Kurtz, Alan
Martin, J.
Quality for ME Revision Project – Final Report2015-08-31Armstrong, P.
Cobo-Lewis, Alan
Downs, Jill
Howard, S.
Labas, Linda
Meagher, T.
Sawyer, E.
Vishneau, M.
Ward, H.
Maine Head Start and Early Head Start Needs Assessment Report: 2015 Annual Update2015-08-08Downs, Jill
Labas, Linda
Best Practices for Engaging with People with Developmental Disabilities2015-07-24May, Janet
Inclusive Education: A Critical Element In Creating And Sustaining Inclusive Communities2015-07-06Zeph, Lucille
Student and Family Involvement in Transition Planning: Promising Practices and Student Outcomes2015-04-27Hagner, David
Kurtz, Alan
Putting the Pieces Together When Everything Falls Apart: Reflections on Situations of Challenging Behavior2015-04-16Bragdon-Morneault, Marnie
Maeverde, Jennifer
Planning Accessible Meetings and Conferences: A Suggested Checklist and Guide2015-02-26Speaking Up For Us of Maine
University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies
Maine Head Start 2014 Annual Report2015-02-06Downs, Jill
Labas, Linda