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Closing Achievement Gaps for Students with Disabilities and Underrepresented Minorities2022-11-15Gardner, Noel
Gómez, Stephen
May, Janet
Carr, Tish
Recipes for Inclusion and Success for Students with Disabilities in STEM Careers2022-11-15May, Janet
Co-Creating Equity: Culturally Responsive Angolan New Mainer Pod Model Childcare for an Inclusive, Health Community2022-11-08Morneault, Marnie
Pedro, Azenaide
“Forensic Analysis” Thinking: Promoting Equity of Access for All Persons2022-11-08Gilson, Stephen
DePoy, Elizabeth
A Study of Evidence-Based Practice in Health Profession Education: Advantages and Dangers2022-11-08DePoy, Elizabeth
Gilson, Stephen
Talk to Me: Discussion Around Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Experiences in the Healthcare System2022-10-06Boas, Diane
Hoffman, Maggie
May, Janet
Moore, Nancy
Olmstead, Avery
Amplifying Students’ Voices in the Transition Process: Outcome-Oriented Planning Using Person-Centered Approaches2022-09-22Taylor, Joshua
May, Janet
Oswald, Gina
Outcome-Oriented Planning for Transition-Age Youth2022-08-30Taylor, Joshua
May, Janet
Oswald, Gina
Achieving Health Equity for People with Disabilities2022-06-08Olmstead, Avery
Hoffman, Maggie
May, Janet
Considering Platforms for NH-ME LEND Program Delivery: Face-to-Face? Remote or Hybrid? Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic2021-11-22Humphreys, Betsy
Russell, Susan
Breaking Silos Through Narrative Advocacy2021-11-22Maeverde, Jennifer
Overview of NH-ME ECHO SCOPE: Supporting Children of the OPioid Epidemic2021-09-22Humphreys, Betsy
Maeverde, Jennifer
Being Safe on the Internet: Lessons Learned & More2021-09-22Harnish Brian
Nealey, Mike
May, Janet
Accommodating Substantial Covid-19 Risk Factors within Maine’s Age-Based Approach to Vaccine Prioritization2021-03-08Cobo-Lewis, Alan B.
Planning Accessible Meetings and Conferences: A Suggested Checklist and Guide – Updated November 20202020-12-10UMaine CCIDS
Speaking Up For Us of Maine
Supporting Virtual Connections During Social Distancing2020-12-08Kurtz, Alan
May, Janet
Dyer, Rachel
Cater, Margaret
Thielen, Cynthia
Robinson, Bonnie
Partnership of NH-ME LEND and New Mainers Public Health Initiative to Offer Training Experiences with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations2019-11-18Russell, Susan
Humphreys, Betsy
Collaborating for Change: NH-ME LEND/New Mainers Public Health Initiative – An Interagency Parent Advocacy and Information Project2019-11-18Morneault, Marnie
Omer, Hibo
Collaboration with Parent-Run Organization, a Support Agency and Adults with Developmental Disabilities to Improve the Quality of Life2019-11-18Kurtz, Alan
May, Janet
Children with Disabilities Tend to Stay in a Highly-resourced Early Head Start/Head Start Program Longer than Children without Disabilities2019-11-18Cobo-Lewis, Alan
Maine APSE2019-10-10May, Janet
Dwyer, Gayla
Partisan Politics and the Forgotten Population2019-07-22Cobo-Lewis, Alan
SEANET Student Interns Explore Careers in Aquaponics and Aquaculture2019-05-23May, Janet
Scocchi, C.
Malmstedt, M.
Supported Decision-Making as an Alternative to Guardianship2018-11-19Kurtz, Alan
Smith, V.
Coaching LEND Faculty in Implementing Team-Based Learning across Two States: Lessons Learned over Four Years (PDF)2018-11-13Kurtz, Alan
Humphreys,B. P.
Russell, Susan
Building Strong Bonds: How the Maine UCEDD and Community Advisory Committee Support Each Other in Our Work (PDF)2018-11-12Pelletier,Kile
Educational Videos About Restraint and Seclusion (PDF)2018-11-12Hall,Jodie
Aging Farmers with Disabilities; From Omission to Belonging (PDF)2018-11-12DePoy,Elizabeth
Access Now and Tomorrow’s Vision2018-11-08Gilson,Stephen F.
Advancing Leadership Skills: A Multiyear Examination of LEND Trainee Self-Efficacy Growth2018-10-15Humphreys, B.
Kurtz, Alan
Reaching Out: Using Consultants to Support Best Practices in Infant-Toddler Child Care2018-08-08Jones-Taylor,M.
Labas, Linda
Assessing Trainee Understanding of Health Equity & Diversity2017-11-06Humphreys, B. P.
Russell, Susan
Kurtz, Alan
Sonnenmeier, R.
Engaging LEND Trainees in a Leadership and Policy Experience2017-11-06Russell, Susan
Humphreys, B.P.
Kurtz, Alan
Sonnenmeier, R.
Improving Effective Interdisciplinary Teamwork Using Team-Based Learning Within the NH-ME LEND Curriculum: Evaluation from Years 1 – 32017-11-06Kurtz, Alan.
Sonnenmeier, R.
Humphreys, B.P.
Russell, Susan
Partnership Promoting a Culture of Inclusion in Maine’s Early Childhood Workforce (PDF)2017-11-06Labas, Linda