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Photo collage of Zachary Johnson and Todd Nason as high school students volunteering in scientific work settings.

Two Former Students on the Spectrum Share Their Successful Transitions to College and Careers

“I enjoy what I do. I think that’s everyone’s human desire to do a job that they enjoy.”                                                                                                              ~ Zachary Johnson Last November, Janet May, CCIDS’ coordinator of transition and adults, was part of a panel presentation, “Closing Achievement Gaps for Students with Disabilities and Underrepresented Minorities” at the 27th National EPSCoR (Experimental Program […]

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A smiling middle aged woman with short graying hair, wearing glasses, a black vest and blue jeans, sits on large rocks with her brother, a smiling middle-aged man with thinning hair, who is wearing glasses, a blue rain jacket and khaki pants with a pair of binoculars hanging from his neck.

Watching Over Jason: A Sibling’s Story

by Sandra Horne, M.A., M.A. CCIDS Coordinator for Community Engagement It’s 839 miles from the front door of my brother’s red brick apartment building to the 1860’s Cape I share with my partner in Downeast Maine. As the COVID-19 virus and its variants continue to spread fear, uncertainty, and the perpetual threat of illness or […]

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Graphic of the Christian Cross, Islamic Crest and Star and the Jewish Star of David.

Including God in Person-Centered Planning: The Importance of Spirituality

by William (Bill) C. Gaventa, M.Div. Director of the National Collaborative on Faith and Disability Director of Community and Congregational Supports at the Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities in New Jersey from 1995-2013 My pastoral care intern working in an Arc chapter in New Jersey went to visit a group home where she […]

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Collage of three pictures. The first is a black young girl outside on the playground talking with her male teacher. The second is a group of four women, Jami Pollis, Linda Labas, Jill Downs and Tammie Davis. The third is a preschool aged white girl and a black boy sitting together on the floor looking at a big picture book.

Maine Partners Collaborate to Create a Sustainable Professional Pathway for TA Professionals Who Support Maine’s Early Childhood Workforce

by Linda Labas, M.Ed. CCIDS Early Childhood Coordinator Did you know that Maine is one of only a handful of states that has established a set of competencies and a credential for technical assistance (TA) professionals who support the state’s early childhood workforce? A technical assistance professional is an individual who provides targeted and customized […]

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A collage of a young black girl holding her mother's hand as she walks down a school hallway; White girl sitting in a wheelchair wearing her graduation cap and gown; Young black woman smiling as she holds up a set of house keys.

How I Navigated for Transition Success

by Marnie Morneault, M.Ed. CCIDS Research Associate, Inclusive Care and Education NH LEND 2012-2013; NH-ME LEND Adjunct Faculty Member University of Maine Adjunct Faculty Member (Special Education) Transitions for children and their families at any point in life can be both exciting and potentially overwhelming. Thinking back to one of my own child’s transitions from the […]

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The words, "What's your story?" writen in chalk on a blackboard.

About the Equity and Policy Blog and Submission Guidelines

Equity and Policy: A Blog from the Center features diverse stories and viewpoints on topics related to equity and policy that impact Maine individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) across the lifespan, their families, and the communities that support them. The blog will occasionally publish entries from guest contributors from our national network of […]

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