Caring For ME Campaign to Recruit Behavioral Health and Direct Care Workers

Source: Introducing 

Given the critical need for direct care and behavioral health workers in Maine, the Maine Departments of Labor, Health & Human Services and Economic Development developed a targeted marketing campaign to recruit more entry-level direct care and behavioral health care employees into these fields.

A survey effort with 700+ current and future workers and input from an industry advisory group formed the Caring For ME campaign. The survey provided a snapshot of the top motivators and barriers for potential direct care workers along with critical insights from established workers on how to reduce existing barriers in the field. The campaign’s goal is to recruit more entry-level direct patient care employees into a variety of settings within the field, while educating workers about available trainings and multiple pathways to a long-term healthcare career.

The Caring For ME campaign launch includes video clips, pull quotes, and testimonials to promote the website and reach a targeted audience through digital, print, traditional, and social media channels. The campaign will also include events attuned to career pathways in direct care and behavioral health.

For more information, please visit the Caring For ME website.

Image courtesy of the Caring for ME campaign.