2013-2018 CCIDS Goals and Objectives

Prepared for the Community Advisory Committee (Updated: September 2017). You can also download the CCIDS Year 5 Goals and Objectives 2013-2018 (PDF) here.

Goal 1: Interdisciplinary Education

[Reflects CCIDS principles of inclusion, diversity, universal design/access and social justice]

1.1  Provide University of Maine faculty with information and resources.

1.2  Continue to offer undergraduate and graduate courses in Disability Studies.

1.3  Continue to provide interdisciplinary Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) graduate study for NH-ME LEND.

1.4  Develop and implement educational opportunities for Maine physicians and related community health providers.

Goal 2: Community Outreach

[Reflects CCIDS principles of inclusion, diversity, universal design/access and social justice]

2.1  Provide leadership development and support to self-advocates in ME.

2.2  Provide technical assistance and training to increase the availability of high quality, inclusive early care and education including childcare.

2.3  Provide technical assistance to improve home and community-based (HCBS) waiver services and supports, family/person-centered planning, and reduce or eliminate wait lists.

2.4  Provide training and technical assistance on health and wellness.

2.5  Provide training and technical assistance on best practices in the areas of education, person/family-centered planning, positive supports, autism, housing and employment.

2.6  Provide technical assistance in the use of universally designed and assistive technology.

2.7  Provide training for self-advocates in the areas of literacy, computer literacy and social networking.

2.8  Provide technical assistance and resources to clergy, laity, congregations and service providers on inclusive spiritual supports.

Goal 3: Research, Evaluation and Policy Analysis

3.1  Develop applied research agendas in the areas of early childhood, health/wellness, inclusion, and autism.

3.2  Conduct an assessment of the community housing needs of children and adults with disabilities who reside in nursing homes or other congregate care facilities and prepare a report with recommendations for policymakers.

3.3  Conduct focus groups of self-advocates on transportation barriers and identify possible community solutions.

Goal 4: Creating and Sharing Important Information about the Needs of People with Disabilities

4.1  Write one policy brief and/or provide testimony each year and share with state policymakers.

4.2  Share results of our work at professional meetings and conferences.

4.3  Write and publish five articles in professional journals each year.

4.4   Share the results of our work each quarter with people with disabilities, family members and community members.

4.5 Create and share educational materials related to areas of emphasis.

4.6 Share results of our work with newspapers and other news outlets.

Updated: September 29, 2017