Technology Integration and Early Childhood Education

How can technology use benefit the early childhood education field? The following handouts, tipsheet, articles and links to resources explore this topic. Organizations and individuals interested in sharing these resources are welcome to link to this Tech Integration and Early Childhood Education (ECE) page.

Technology Integration

Ideas to consider when getting started planning for technology integration.

Digital Photography

Suggestions for using the digital camera as an educational tool.

Computer Use

Ideas to support the intentional use of the computer with young children.

Learn More

Websites providing additional resources about technology and early childhood.

  • Technology and Young Children: Preschoolers and Kindergartners – A website from NAEYC. “During the preschool years, young children are developing a sense of initiative and creativity. They are curious about the world around them and about learning. They are exploring their ability to create and communicate using a variety of media (crayons, felt-tip markers, paints and other art materials, blocks, dramatic play materials, miniature life figures) and through creative movement, singing, dancing, and using their bodies to represent ideas and experiences. Digital technologies provide one more outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and learning.
  • Guiding Principles for Use of Technology with Early Learners – Office of Educational Technology website. “The thoughtful use of technology by parents and early educators can engage children in key skills such as play, self-expression, and computational thinking which will support later success across all academic disciplines and help maintain young children’s natural curiosity.”

Some of the handouts were created with support from the University of Maine Center for Community Inclusion & Disability Studies (CCIDS), in partnership with the University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service, Maine Roads to Quality, for the Portland Early Literacy Collaborative project, funded through a U.S. Department of Education Early Reading First Grant (Award Number S359B050075). CCIDS support contributed to the development of additional resources listed.

Updated: 12/20/2021