Hibo Omer

Discipline: Community Trainee


I am a graduate of University of New England with MPH; I obtained a BA in Natural and Applied Science from USM. I strongly supported the creation of the ethnic based organization called New Mainers Public Health Initiative (NMPHI) from the beginning. I have been working closely with the New Mainers family with children with disabilities about school meeting such as Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meeting importance and involvement. I spent four years with community health education on Autism Awareness, Women’s Health, and Cancer Awareness. Due to the nature of the topic being “Taboo” in New Mainers community, education, and creating awareness was necessary to talk about the problem in hand and the increase number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As a Targeted Case Manager (TCM) and community member in the Lewiston Auburn area I saw myself to be a catalyst of change for my community. Four years ago, my full-time job became serving Lewiston Auburn with health education programs to mothers and children with preventive health goals. With complicated and complex medical solutions preventive help should be prioritized among family for better outcome of disease. Thus, my role as program director, I created and spearheaded an awareness program as needed in the community. My long-term goal is to take the Behavioral Health Professionals (BHPs) ideology to the horn of Africa that children with disability could have a brighter future.

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