Madeline Ruffin

Discipline: Communication Sciences & Disorders


I am currently a second-year graduate student at the University of Maine pursing my master’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders with the intent of becoming a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. I also received my Bachelor of Arts in CSD at the University of Maine with a minor in Child Development. Through my clinical experience as a graduate student I have had experience working with individuals with disabilities through my work as the co-leader of the National Stuttering Association Kids Support Group at the University of Vermont. I co-led 8 monthly support group sessions that focused on self-pride, self-love and provided the children with an outlet to discuss their frustration with having a stutter (such as addressing bullying). Additionally, as an undergraduate at the University of Maine, I wrote a thesis that explored efforts in International Aid in the field of Speech and Language. Through my research, I found that these efforts are underdeveloped and in most cases speech and language is not addressed in International Aid trips at all. International aid in the field of Speech and Language is my vision for future leadership. My dream is to work with individuals with disabilities in underdeveloped countries.  However, I strive to work towards a model of aid that does not simply “save the day,” but instead provides the resources and education to underdeveloped countries that allows them to thrive on their own without the need for future mission trips.

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